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on Mon Jul 27 2020

What is Contreeb?

Contreeb is a SaaS platform to help brands to sell climate-friendly products. Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a low-carbon world.

Why Contreeb?

Climate change

Climate change is the most serious threat that mankind has had to face in a long time. The consequences will be catastrophic: a warming of only 2°C will lead to damages exceeding $69 trillion (according to Moody's).

Awareness & Expectations

Consumers are shifting their habits and reorienting their purchases towards greener businesses and products. They are willing to pay a significant premium for more sustainable products. And since this trend is led by millenials and Gen Z, it will only get stronger, like organic food.
It’s a daunting challenge for our industries to keep up with climate and consumer expectations. In our fast-paced information world, passivity or bad communication is never far from shaming and greenwashing accusations.

How does it work?

Contreeb is a platform to tackle climate change upon purchase in 3 simple steps.


Life Cycle Assessment is often viewed as complicated but with Contreeb it does not have to be. We provide the numbers and interfaces you need to put together the sum of the emissions induced by a product. All this at a cost (in terms of time and money) 10x inferior than it used to be.

Carbon Pricing

We guide you in stating a cost of carbon, based on best-practices, possible regulations evolutions and state-of-the-art scientific studies. Putting a price on carbon emissions means addressing the environmental cost of your product by funding carbon reduction and capture projets, that resonate with your brand's story.


We publish unique links (for product pages of an online shop) and barcodes (for product tags in physical stores) certifying as a trusted third party that the funding is actually done. So consumers have confidence in their choices to trust your brand. And you are safe from greenwashing accusations.

Who are we?

We are Ahmad and Guillaume, we are from France and have a combined 15 experience in SaaS. We've worked in startups and big companies. We'd love to chat with you about how we can help!

Get the climate impact of one of your products

How long? We're a start up, we're very quick to respond.
How much? During our launch it only costs €99 (that's way less than doing it yourself).

Save time. Save money. Save the planet.

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